Unpacking God’s plan for the human person

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Why We Exist

The Institute invites Christians to a greater awareness of their identity as human persons created in the image and likeness of the Trinity, articulated in Scripture and the beautiful teachings of Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Changing a Culture

Through exposure to the truth of God’s plan for humanity in our programs, Institute participants have experienced tangible fruits in all areas of their lives. If multiplied exponentially, exposure to these truths by our programs will dramatically impact the culture.

The Problem
A Culture of Chaos
+ Misunderstanding and Devaluing the Human Person
Human hearts, bombarded and slumbered by the media wait to be reawakened. A resurgence of atheist Marxism and a materialist vision of the human person have led our priorities astray. Our widespread culture of hurry is a showcase of human restlessness and our broken prioritization of values. Existing inside of a chaotic, violent, and impersonal public culture has had a lasting effect on the human person’s ability to understand and value not only himself but others in his life.
+ Devaluation of Prayer and the Sacraments

We’re presently living in a digital age in which prayer is deeply diminished in the hierarchy of activities. Individuals are leaving the Church at unprecedented rates because they do not know Jesus. Faith and reason are seen as separate – and, in some instances, even opposed. The COVID pandemic revealed this symptom in a particular way, as we saw major obstacles created that inhibited the faithful’s ability to receive the sacraments and to share in communal life.

+ Lack of Catechesis and Formation

The majority of Catholics suffer from a lack of catechesis and formation within the church, which has led to a disconnect from our Lord and from the other members of the Body of Christ. This lack of catechesis and formation creates an obstacle for understanding what it truly means to be human, and perpetuates every other item on this list by a failure to instill in the faithful the foundations of our faith.

+ Lack of Vocational Discernment

A general lack of understanding of each individual’s call to a particular vocation, as well as a lack of discernment overall, leads to general unhappiness and unfulfillment, and perpetuates sin. This continues to bear bad fruits in clerical scandals and broken marriages and families.

+ Lack of Engagement in Communal Life

Human beings today lack authentic friendship and community.  We see relationships taking the shape of companionships centered on materialism and superficialities because we lack the tools to recognize and seek out genuine, lasting fellowship with others. This has been brought about by, among other things, digital connections that confuse the human person.

+ Misunderstanding of Human Sexuality

A widespread acceptance of the separation of body and soul has led to disordered sexual activity. Decades of untruths surrounding abortion, contraception, and the divine purpose of sex have permeated the public to an especially damaging degree.

The Solution
A Culture of Life
+ Renewed, Holistic Understanding of the Human Person as God intended
Participants will understand what it means to be human through the theological anthropology in the Theology of the Body, the Trinitarian encyclicals, the encyclicals on the theological virtues, writings on the liturgy, and much more.
+ Renewed Value of Prayer and the Sacraments
Participants will truly know and connect with our Lord and will actively participate in His life and virtues. They’ll begin to engage in silent prayer (both privately and liturgically) and will learn what it actually means to pray. They’ll also develop a deep devotion to Mary and will be encouraged to consecrate and entrust themselves to her.
+ Relevant Catechesis and Formation
Participants will experience a deepened understanding of the foundations of our faith and, as a result, will experience a desire for continuous learning and deepening of their knowledge of the faith.
+ A Thirst for Beauty and a Hunger for Truth
Participants will experience an invigorated desire to encounter beauty through literature, music, and visual art. They will establish a deeper understanding of the importance of these things and will develop a continued seeking of truth in all areas of their lives.
+ Vocational Discernment Support
Participants will understand the importance of vocational discernment and, if not already established in their vocation, will make a wholehearted discernment of their divine call.
+ A Deepened Understanding of Human Sexuality and A Desire to Defend Social Truths
Participants will experience a deepened understanding of human sexuality and God’s purpose for sex in His creation of man and woman and will apply these truths in their own lives – which, in many cases, will lead to a turning away from contraceptive use and an openness to life in many marriages. In addition, participants will also share these truths with individuals who struggle with disordered sexual activity, offering concrete solutions that extend a healing hand, rather than exclusion or alienation.
+ A Renewal of Parish Life and Connection
Participants will experience a heightened desire to actively participate in parish life and become a driving force for parish communities in creating rich and fulfilling connection back to the church for its members. Participants will experience a deepened understanding of authentic human friendship and will actively seek to build and maintain these critical relationships.

"Christian humanism has an ability to preserve the meaning of man and his dignity."


– St. John Paul II

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"The Son of God, the true man. He is the measure of true humanism."


– Benedict XVI